Smiling Staff,Smiling Customers,that’s what we create

High attrition rate…
No improvement in customer satisfaction…
High costs…
Does running a contact center really need to be such a struggle?

As communication channels grow increasingly complex and systems evolve, contact centers have become companies’ front line, serving as a key point-of-communication where companies can interact directly with customers.
It is becoming increasing vital to have a CRM strategy whose main focus is on the contact center. However, contact centers face several challenges that include high staff turnover and can barely keep up with the inpouring of tasks to manage, including adequate allocation of staff and ongoing productivity efficiency improvement. This creates a sense of exhaustion among both management and workplace staff, and no doubt, many centers are struggling with such dilemmas.

Numerical values are prioritized while the motivation of staff handling day-to-day work keeps getting put off

Despite a number of measures being implemented, including the use of external consulting, introducing contact center operating standards and cutting-edge technology, as well as outsourcing processes to operational experts, there is still no fundamental solution designed to realize true CRM functionality.

At e-s2mile, we believe that one of the causes of such situations is that "numerical values are prioritized while the motivation of staff handling day-to-day work keeps getting put off."
Staff follow the company's Service policy and chase numerical targets with no real sense of satisfaction. They work all day without even speaking to the person beside them, and their day-to-day interaction begins and ends with just a microphone and PC.
Despite handling countless complaints and satisfying callers, staff efforts are not recognized and their salary never increases. Given such conditions, it should come as no surprise that coming to work each day becomes a chore.

Work process re-engineering & CRM consulting based on actual workplace conditions rather than just relying on numbers to effectively utilize the contact center in the business strategy

We are committed to changing the status quo of the industry. To realize this goal, we have developed a consulting approach designed to optimize all aspects―from the company to its customers, staff, and the community.

We are committed to improving contact center performance by boosting motivation from the staff themselves and by establishing the right surrounding environment. e-s2mile's goal is to provide consulting services that emphasize the value of contact centers that pursue human potential plus additional value, without being dependent on classic contact center consulting methods. This approach brings satisfaction and smiles to staff, which will surely be perceived by the customers they serve. We believe that the first step of an effective CRM strategy hinges on whether or not staff handles customers with a "smile" over the phone or email.
Realizing sustainable businesses by drawing out the potential of contact center operations…
Inspiring smiles on all involved—from company to staff, customers, and the community… this is the goal of e-s2mile.

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