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e-s2mile is a consulting company that offers a wide range of consulting services focused on contact centers.

□Main services

  • Consulting on contact center CRM
  • Operational support
  • Project management optimization support
  • Evaluation and implementational support of IT solutions
  • Support for selecting outsourcing partners
  • Support for selecting locations (local and global)
  • Consulting on contract specification optimization
  • Consulting on information security optimization
  • Recruitment support for contact center industry personnel
  • Verbalization of potential needs and creation of tools for the contact center industry
  • Other services associated with the above

The Ideal Work Style in Today’s New Era: Business, Customers, and Staff with Smiles

Masaru Saito,President and CEO

When it comes to CRM consulting aimed at contact centers, most is focused on the perspective of corporate management; in other words, IT/business consulting based on management indicators, training on KPI tracking and management methods, HRM (Human Resource Management) and the like.

In this day and age, however, sustainable corporate activities cannot be realized without providing consideration to staff working in the field, or without making contributions to the community or society. While we of course provide consulting from a traditional corporate perspective, we at e-s2mile are especially passionate about maximizing contact center value by incorporating the perspectives of customers, staff, and society.

As the face of the company, staff in the field are highly-familiar with services, and also directly experience the opinions and wishes of customers on a daily basis. It is no exaggeration to say that the positivity and smiles of field staff are an important management resource,and provide benefits for the company in many tangible and intangible ways.

With this in mind, we came to the idea of applying the consulting approach of helping staff in the field to take an active part in carrying out their job functions. One of the reasons that companies achieve good results when under consultation but reverting back once it ends, is because no sense of ownership has been instilled in the people working in the field. While it may seem like the long way around, we place great importance on instilling this sense of ownership in staff in the field.

This is primarily because even I personally don’t want to receive service from someone that has no passion for their product or company.

Company Profile

Company namee-s2mile Corporations,
Address3-37-23-513, Izumicho, Kokubunji-city,Tokyo, 185-0024
RepresentativeMasaru Saito, President and CEO
FoundedMay 15, 2008
Bank primarily used for transactionsSumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation – Nakanosakaue Branch
Business Activities
  • ①Management planning, guidance and support for labor management; training services
  • ②Management consultancy services
  • ③Business activities related to the collection and sale of various information
  • ④Private employment placement
  • ⑤Specific and general worker dispatch
  • ⑥Private employment placement associated with various business activities
  • ⑦Comprehensive business activities associated with the aforementioned items
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