e-s2mile Corporations (referred to as “the Company”) handles personal information in accordance with the privacy policy described below.

As a company that provides a variety of consulting services to contact centers, the Company recognizes the importance of the personal information of customers (including customers who use its website), take appropriate measures to protect it, and implement the following efforts to ensure that customers are not adversely affected.

  • The Company collects personal information in a legitimate manner to the extent necessary to provide our services. Personal information is never collected through any illegal means.
  • Collected personal information is used by the Company for the following purposes:
    • To provide its services;
    • To respond to inquiries about its services;
    • To introduce seminars, exhibitions, etc. pertaining to its services;
  • The Company will take appropriate measures to ensure the secure management of personal information.
  • The Company will not provide personal information to any third parties (including those outside Japan) without the prior consent of the customer. Notwithstanding, the following cases are excluded:
    • When required by law;
    • When deemed necessary to protect the life, limb, property or the like of a person and it is impractical to obtain the customer's consent;
    • When deemed necessary to improve public health or promote healthy development of children and it is impractical to obtain the customer's consent;
    • When cooperating with work prescribed by the laws or regulations of a national institution, etc.
  • If the Company receives a request from its customer to disclose, correct, or discontinue the use of, or delete their personal information, the Company will respond swiftly and in good faith unless otherwise required by law.
  • The Company complies with all laws and regulations with regard to the protection of personal information.
  • The Company will properly respond to complaints and consultations concerning its handling of personal information.
    To request disclosure, correction, discontinuance of use, or deletion of your personal information, or any other matters regarding our handling of our personal information, please contact at the following:
    Contact: (Please enter "Personal Information" in the subject line)
  • The Company will revise this privacy policy as necessary, and any significant changes made to the policy will be announced on our website.

Established May 15, 2020

<Chief Privacy Officer/Contact Information>
Masaru Saito, Representative Director and CEO of e-s2mile Corporations,

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