Assessment (Current Situation Analysis)

Provided Tasks
  • Latest situation summarization
  • Hypothesis planning
  • To-Be model review
Examples of Deliverable
  • Status report
  • Issue list
  • To-Be model proposal
Utilization Benefits
  • Evaluation from an objective point of view
  • Improvement of accurate as-is analysis
  • Smooth consensus building among stakeholders
  • Clearly defined future action plan

Strategic review support

Provided Tasks
  • Formulation of execution plan
  • Review of expected benefits
  • Solution evaluation
  • Feasibility and compatibility review
Examples of Deliverable
  • Execution plan
  • Task list (WBS)
  • Comparative review material
Utilization Benefits
  • Evaluation from a third-party perspective
  • Evaluation based on market trends
  • Collection of info using e-s2mile’s network

Support for refining requirements

Provided Tasks
  • Review of business requirements
  • Review of IT requirements
  • Review of outsourcing requirements
  • RFI/RFP creation and process support
  • Review of priorities and importance
  • Review of implementation plan
  • Skill transfer to members
Examples of Deliverable
  • Requirements definition
  • Evaluation report
  • Order specification review report
Utilization Benefits
  • Coordination of requirements for each business unit
  • Clarification and documentation of internal policies
  • Promotion of neutral tasks from a third-party perspective
  • Consensus building leadership for prioritizing crucial requirements

Research and analysis support

Provided Tasks
  • CRM survey design
  • Data analysis
  • Expected benefit verification
  • ROI estimation
Examples of Deliverable
  • CX survey report
  • CS survey report
  • ES survey report
  • Measure verification report
  • ROI validation report
Utilization Benefits
  • Design based on market trends
  • Identify issues based on e-s2mile’s know-how analysis expertise
  • Qualitative and quantitative review of ROI

Project management support

Provided Tasks
  • Act on behalf as project manager
  • Facilitation support
  • Task and risk management
  • Handle special assignments for executives
Examples of Deliverable
  • Project plan
  • WBS
  • Risk management table
  • Business audit report
Utilization Benefits
  • Conference leadership
  • Smooth communication with members, including external vendors etc.
  • Sharing current status with executives
  • Support of next-phase tasks by sharing information among all stakeholders

*Consulting services are available in both Japanese and English.

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